The Ultimate Guide for Fastest Ways to Lose Weight: 22 Tips to Lose Some Pounds Now

The Ultimate Guide for fastest ways to lose weight: Many people nowadays are enlisted in some sort of work out regime or are attempting another eating routine craze trying to shed pounds. Notwithstanding how you have chosen to go about it, odds are that losing weight isn’t precisely the most effortless thing you’ve done as of not long ago in your life.

Any individual who has ever given it a shot realizes that the hardest thing about it is to adhere to the standards and discover the inspiration to continue going.

The Ultimate Guide to fastest ways to lose weight is to constantly adhere to your weight loss plan every day.


There is only one way of dropping extra pounds (burning more calories than you eat )but how you go about achieving this goal is not exactly rocket science; the approach depends on your goals.

Healthy rates of losing weight are different. Shedding like 7 pounds a week can be a great shock to the body unless you are obese.


The Ultimate Guide for Fastest Ways to Lose Weight: 22 Tips to Lose Some Pounds Now


But the rate at which you get rid or drop some from your waistline depends on the form of your diet, Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE registered dietitian and author of Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine Solutions for Optimal Health Cookbook claims.

“As an advocate of the ketogenic diet which is very low in carbs and transitions the metabolism to using fat as energy, healthy loss of weight in the first week can be seen,” Miller says. “However, 2-3 of these pounds is water loss from the body in the transition out of using carbs, which hold water weight, as the primary fuel,” she adds.

I this the most important this is where you are losing weight from in your body?


Individuals are distinctive and they battle with different hindrances to losing weight – it’s can be a habit, hereditary qualities or work. “The key is to set a goal and stick to it by making it part of your way of life,” Blanchette says. Miller concludes finding something you appreciate and enjoy.


Here are recommendations list of The Ultimate Guide for fastest ways to lose weight with 22 weight loss tips and tricks


The Ultimate Guide for Fastest Ways to Lose Weight at Home

1. Avoid making Drastic Calorie Cuts


The Ultimate Guide for fastest way to lose weight

“If you cut too many calories, you will significantly decrease your metabolic rate,” Blanchette says. “Your body needs energy and strength to function properly, and when it experiences a shortage of food, your body slows the metabolic rate down so you will not starve.”

Diminishing calories and eating occasionally instigate a starvation period, backing your metabolic rate off and reducing your capacity to lose fat and maintain muscle



2. Cook your Own Meal

One of the important things in weight loss management and healthy living is cooking your own food, Miller claimed.

Therefore create time for it. “Eat whatever you want but make it from scratch,” she says. “This really hinders intake of processed foods or fried foods.

When eating a whole foods based diet you are supported with more nutritional density, which also leads to more satiety or satisfaction at meals.”



3. Drink Green Tea



Green tea is one of the important recipes in weight loss management. Green tea is a healthy beverage because it’s rich in antioxidants and other elements that help keep you healthy.

According to the research green tea can increase fat burning rate. “If you don’t like green tea, you can always try black tea, oolong tea, or white tea,” Blanchette says.



4. Avoid Juice Cleanses

Imbalanced diets such as a juice cleanses are a very bad idea, Miller says.

By avoiding juice cleanses can be the fastest way to lose weight “ Juices cleanses lack ample protein and fat encouraging loss from skeletal muscle mass and water, which in turn slows down your metabolic rate, setting up for plateau and ultimately regain of weight,” she adds.



5. Take Healthy fats and Protein

“Let your focus on healthy fats and meeting your protein goals,” Miller says. “Aim for at least 50-60 % of your body weight in pounds in grams of protein.” For example, Someone who weighs 170 lbs should get at least 75 g per day. “This means you maintain healthy muscle mass which keeps metabolism revamped, and aids for the fastest ways to lose weight without stress” By eating non-starchy vegetables which provide volume, antioxidants, and fiber without the carbohydrate overload



6. Have a Plan before Eating Out

“The secret to eating out is to plan before the time,” Blanchette says. “Choose a place that you know offers healthy food choices.

Look for foods that have little or no fat at all. Choose broiled or baked, grilled entrees.” Ask a question on how the meal is prepared, she says, and avoid red meat, gravy, and stuffing. You should ask for sauces or dressings on the side.



7. Avoid the Scale

The Ultimate Guide for fastest way to lose weight


“Once you focus on a scale number, this whole lifestyle change becomes negative and you will then begin to view this whole process or journey as being negative,” Miller warns.

So, try and focus on how your clothes are feeling or how you are feeling about yourself in general – do you have more energy; are you becoming stronger in the gym, are you hitting new personal records, etc.



8. Get your Carbs from fruits & Starchy Vegetables

“Be sure to pair all carbs with protein or healthy fat,” Miller adds. “This keeps a balanced glycemic index which blunts blood sugar spikes.” This is essential as blood sugar spikes drive increased fat storage.



9. Don’t take too much of Salt

“Most of the sodium we ingest is when we are dining out or eating more processed foods,” Blanchette says. “Choose fresh meats, rather than processed meats and be careful of the packaging of meats that are sitting in ‘sodium solutions,’ processed meats are one of the cancer-causing foods to avoid she adds.

Consume more fresh fruits and veggies. If buying canned vegetables or broths, choose those with “No sodium added” on their label.

Pick ingredients that say “Reduced or Low Sodium” or try flavoring food with citrus juices, vinegar, and different herbs and spices, she says.


 10. Control Cravings



The best way to do that, according to Miller, is to aim for mindful indulgences and practice portion control. “Incorporate foods that tame sugar cravings while supporting healthy weight loss results like Greek Yogurt Cheesecake bars or Raw Walnut fudge, as described in her book.



11. Alcohol is an Obstacle to Weight Loss

If there is one thing that people should not do while trying to lose weight, its drink alcohol, according to Blanchette.

“Alcohol increase triglyceride levels within the bloodstream, and contributes to plaque formation and hardening of the arteries,” she says. “It is also a depressant and decreases your motivation,” she adds. Lastly, alcohol is an appetite inducer.



12. If you must Drink Something…

“To lose weight while still drinking alcohol occasionally, begin by making a ‘Better Bad Choice,’” Blanchette says. “You may want to consider reducing the frequency that you drink alcohol if you want to be on your way for the fastest way to lose weight or cut back on the quantity you normally would drink.” If you normally have a glass of wine every night with dinner, consider only having a glass on the weekends. “Let’s say you normally have 2 or 3 glasses of wine every night before bed,” she says. “After a week, that would be a total of 1,700 calories, causing about a pound of body fat to be added in 2 weeks.”


13. Workout  Daily

“Workout can be passive movement and doesn’t have to be stressful or torture,” Miller says. You can lose some weight by walking. “It is a good way to slowly and continuously increase your cardiac function system and is gentle on the joints while supporting relaxation, and also this has been proven as the fastest way to lose weight. As we know, stress hormones can also drive stubborn metabolism and fat gain,” she adds.



14. Focus on Resistance Training

This cannot be overemphasized if you are of the fastest way to lose weight.   Resistance training is the only way you can build thin muscle, which helps weight loss.

You can incorporate your own body weight by doing planks, squats, and push-ups. “They can all be done with variations as needed. This helps to boost your metabolism,” Miller says.



15.  Take Control of the Portion.

“Portion control is only difficult when you are depriving yourself,” Blanchette says. “When people try to lose body fat, they tend to remove all their favorite foods form their daily meal plan in order to follow the ‘perfect diet.’” Eating perfect isn’t normal and these restrictions only lead to intense cravings, she adds. “These cravings will increase over time until you can no longer resist the urge to eat, resulting in bad results.”


16. Avoid Low-fat Diet

“Often this can lead to over restriction and can hinder weight loss efforts,” Miller warns. “I am a big advocate of the ‘eat fat get skinny!’ movement,” she adds. It provides more metabolic support and platform which provides sustainable outcomes.




17. Keep a Food and Exercise Record Book

“Keeping a record or journal is always helpful in keeping yourself focused and acting as a daily reminder of the goal that you have yet to be achieved,” Blanchette says. “It will help you in reaching your goal and my necessary correction if need be, because as a human being we always forget to keep track.” Record book or Journals can also helpful in unfolding any areas that may cause eating triggers.



18. Be Accountable

There is no short cut around this if you want to adhere to guide for fastest way to lose weight – if you really want to reach your goal is absolutely up to you and keeping yourself accountable is a big leverage. “Track your intake, stay accountable with a trainer, dietitian, never give up or a friend to maintain consistency,” Miller says. “I like to run body composition scans on my clients to track specifically where loss occurs, i.e. body fat, muscle, etc. to tailor and tweak their program as needed,” she adds.


19. Drink more Water

Drinking water can really help you to lose weight fast – hot, warm or cold, plain or infused with lemon – can help keep you hydrate and is an important part of digesting, absorbing and transporting nutrients throughout your body,” Blanchette says.

“If you are replacing a higher calorie/ higher sugar drink (fruit juice, coffee with cream/sugar) with water- infused or plain, it can help with weight loss.” And if you are the type that like taking naturally “kinda sweet drink” I will recommend you take this fat slimming detox



20. Motivate yourself into Eating more Vegetables

“I love green smoothies as a way to meet your goal of 2-3 cups leafy greens,” Miller says. “I add collagen or grass-fed way and fats from nut butter and/or coconut milk to keep it balanced.” Use greens over grains as a base to your dishes and remove the bread. “Bread is dead and not nourishing,” she adds.

All lunches should have a side of veggies in a salad or crudité form such as a dip with hummus, Miller suggests. Dinners should include a side of roasted, stir-fried, or sautéed veggies.


Green Smoothies Recipes


  • 2 cups fresh spinach
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup mango
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • 2 or 3 bananas


Make sure you use at least one frozen fruit to chill your smoothie. I will recommend you use frozen bananas and/or mangoes in green smoothies.



  • Add 2 cups of leafy greens in a measuring cup and then pour inside fruit blender.
  • Add water and blend together until it becomes smooth, you know what I mean?
  •  Now Add mango, pineapple, and bananas and blend again until it fine.
  • Pour into a pitch or Mason jar
  •  And serve it chill! Olla!


If you have an allergy for any of the ingredient for weight loss green smoothie mentioned about feel free to sub any fruit with another fruit with that recommended ratio.



21. Don’t play with your Breakfast

Boosting your metabolism in the morning is very important Ultimate Guide for the fastest way to lose weight.

One way of doing that, Blanchette says, is by starting your day off with eating a healthy breakfast that has a good lean protein ( like egg whites) and complex carbohydrates (like oatmeal).


The Ultimate Guide for Fastest Ways to Lose Weight: 22 Tips to Lose Some Pounds Now



22. Meal frequency is Important

This is an important factor that influences the metabolic rate. “Eating once every three hours is crucial because it allows your body to utilize and expand calories in an efficient manner,” Miller adds. “If you are calorie counting, you are focusing more on the number of calories and not on how your body breaks down and utilizes the food at each service

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