How to Lose Weight with Chia Seeds Recipes at Home

Do you want to lose weight fast and naturally with chia seeds? Let’s agree together; a couple of extra pounds in the body may be inconvenient and discomforting especially when they are not needed. “So should I be worried that I am adding some fats really fast?”

If that is your mind muttering; well we’ve got some good news for you. There are a number of ways to get those unwanted pounds off your body.

It is interesting when you consider that some of these ways are less stressful and you need not walk on a high wire. In this post, we take you on the journey of how to lose weight with chia seeds recipes.

It’s okay to ask what chia seeds are. Let’s face it.


How to lose weight with chia seeds drink recipes fast at home


What is Chia seed?

Chia seeds are oilseeds rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Also known as Salvia hispanica: This nature’s wonder was originated from Guatemala and Mexico. It was noted that during the prehistoric times in Columbian communities, chia seeds were the second main crop after beans. And for about 5500 years, it has been part of human food.

Derived from a Spanish word –Chia belongs to the family Lamiaceae; particularly the Genera Salvia Specie Hispanica.

It has a couple of names to itself including Spanish sage, Black chia, Mexican chia, etc.

Chia plant is seasonal. It bears flowers in summer –mostly, and it can grow to about one meter in height.

Planting does well in drained clay. It could also flourish in sandy soil with acid tolerance and reasonable salt.

It should go without saying that for thousands of years Chia seed recipe has continued to witness increased usage in many countries.

The reason for this, however, can be linked to its massive therapeutic potential and great nutritional values.

It is true that there are some seeds –take for instance Chia seeds –that is not just for consumption or to get your food spiced up, but can be used in a variety of therapeutic and medicine preparation.

More commonly before, it would seem that most people eat the fruit and spit out seeds.

But that trend is fast changing as a result of the emanating information on the myriad of health benefits that some of these seeds bear.

The said seed may have been famous in the pre-Columbian diet, but to add to this –do note that you can lose weight with chia seed.


Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Health benefits of chia seeds may include:

  • Weight maintenance
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lower LDL cholesterol
  • Increase HDL cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of heart disease


chia seeds health benefits

  • Omega -3

Don’t be swayed by the seemingly small size; chia seeds are embodiment of nutrients.

This nature’s wonder is a great source of omega-3 fatty; due to its higher proportion of a-linolenic acid.

Be informed that about 65% of the oil content is omega-3 ‘certified’ so to speak. They are rich in antioxidants and provide fiber, calcium, and iron.

You’re probably aware that omega-3 fatty acids help to increase HDL cholesterol which is called the “good’ cholesterol. HDL cholesterol helps to protect the body against stroke, heart attack, etc.

When you serve a 28 gram or 1-ounce chia seeds you would have an equivalent of 5.6 grams of protein.

Meanwhile chia seeds in water that is. mixed with water can replace egg in vegan diet, says Megan Ware.

And speaking of how to eat chia seeds; you can eat them by cooking or by consuming it raw but should be mixed with another food or soaked before intake.


  • Boost Immunity

Generally, seed or plant-based foods have overtime been linked with a decreased risk of many severe health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and an overall reduction in mortality rate.

They are found to stimulate a healthy complexion, enhanced energy, and fight obesity. This explains the interest users have in their quest to lose weight with chia seeds.

The U.S dietary guidelines recommend 30.8 grams of fiber per day for men younger than 50 and 28 g for men above 50. In the same vein, the guidelines suggest that women below the age of 50 should consume 25.2 g daily and 22.4 g for women above 50 years.

However, it is found that most people actually fall short of the recommendation.

The convenient way to jack up fiber intake is to consume more plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, unprocessed grains, nuts, and seeds.

Interestingly, just 1 ounce of chia seeds offers some 10 grams of fiber nearly half the daily recommendation for women above the age of 50.


How it Works

Looking at how to lose weight with chia seeds.

You see those foods that are rich in fiber help people to feel less hungry and full for longer. And considering that fiber contains lower calories, this suggests that weight loss is eminent when you consume a more fiber-rich diet.

Chia seed nutrition 1 tablespoon contains nearly 5 grams of fiber; coupled with a high level of a-linoleic and omega-3 fatty acid.

This will offer a recipe useful for weight reduction.


How to Lose Weight with Chia Seeds Recipes

To lose weight with chia seeds; one easy way to enjoy the seeds is to make a chia Fresca drink.


How to Use Chia Seed for Weight Loss

  • Get 2 cups of water or juice depending on your choice
  • Then mix 2 tablespoons of chia seeds.
  • Allow the mixture to soak for some 10 minutes, soaking stimulates the seeds to swell up.
  • After this, you can go ahead to enjoy your fresca drink.

Alternatively, a popular way to consume this in your quest to lose weight with chia seed is to prepare a sumptuous chia pudding.


  • Mix a quarter cup of chia seeds with a cup of milk,
  • Then proceed to set it in the refrigerator overnight.
  • In the morning, you can add some sweetener or toppings based on your preference.

Lose weight with chia seeds by adding this nature’s wonder to smoothies or mixed in some yogurt.

You can also add it to hot cereal. This will offer you the right nutrient boost.


Chia Seed With Strawberry and Banana

It doesn’t end there though; chia seeds can be poured into a mix of strawberry and banana for your overnight oats to kick start your mornings.

Be informed also that chia seeds can be tossed in baked stuff such as energy squares and muffins.

To lose weight with chia seeds is likewise made easy in an all-natural tasty and sweet jam, Chia Jam is available and can be purchased.

This offers you the opportunity to spread the benefits of Salvia hispanica over baked stuffs.

Like muffins? You’re right!

It should be added that chia seeds contain magnesium that helps in bringing down the cortisol level and by extension uplifts your general mood.

All this sounds good, can you talk about Chia seed side effects. If that’s you, give me tombs up for reading your mind accurately.


Chia Seed Side Effects

Generally, chia seeds are considered safe.

However, like many other highly nutritious produce, it may cause a bit of discomforting reaction in the body if consumed incorrectly.


  • Allergy

Some of the extreme side effects of chia seeds are allergy, although very unlikely but possible. So prospective users who want to lose weight with chia seed but are predisposed to allergies may want to be cautious during use.


  • Constipation

Other likely side effects are mainly gastrointestinal related reactions. This is ranging from constipation to flatulence and bloating but none of these conditions are threatening if addressed immediately.

It may be –as it is in most cases –that user would just need to ensure that the seeds are thoroughly cooked going forward.

Do note that these conditions are common reactions from consuming high-fiber foods.


  • Drug Interactions

For individuals on medications, you can lose weight with chia seeds. However, you may want to check with your doctor to find out if the seed would not intermediate with your medications.

For instance, Chia seeds are said to over stimulate blood sugar control drugs. Because the seeds itself can function as a blood sugar regulator.

It can help to maintain and regularize the blood sugar levels. This implies that the seeds may meddle with drugs designed to control such condition.

Due to its potency to lower blood pressure, chia seeds may pose side effects to hypotensive persons.

Though, it generally could be beneficial to individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure.

Nonetheless, there are others who might be affected as a result of this.


How Much of Chia Seed Can you Take?

To lose weight with chia seeds how much chia seeds per day should users consume?

The common dosage as recommended is 20 grams.

This can be found in about 1.5 tablespoons of chia seeds and can be taken twice daily.



easy ways to lose weight fast with chia seeds naturally


Final Thoughts

There are a hundred and one ways to get those extra pounds under check, exercise. It is good to run a couple miles around the neighborhood maybe it is better to just eat some Salvia hispanica in a regimented fashion.

You might have heard about this nature’s little wonder, but today you’ve learned how to lose weight with chia seed.

It works by acting as an appetite suppressant.

The ability of the fiber content of chia seeds to hold onto the water will make you feel full and consequently eat less.

In addition, it helps to slow the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream thereby halting potential spike in the blood sugar level. Give chia seeds a try today, and lose weight naturally.

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