Weight Loss Workout Plan-7 Days Fat Burning Workout Plan for Beginners

7 Days Weight Loss Workout PlanYou might want to lose weight or know someone who wants to shed some inches from his or her hips, waist or thighs. This 7 days weight loss workout plan is your best bet at losing weight in such a short time. It will help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle change.

This workout plan has been designed to be fun and challenging at the same time.

They will keep you engaged throughout the week. As you progress throughout the week, you should notice some changes in your body weight.


At the end of the 7 days, you would have lost a substantial amount of weight.

You can decide to continue with this weight loss workout plan even after you achieve your 7 days weight loss goal.

Follow the weight loss workout plan below to get started.



Weight Loss Workout Plan: 7-Day Fat Burning Exercises Plan for Beginners



Weight Loss Workout Plan: 7-Day Fat Burning ExercisesPlan for Beginners


1. Monday – Total-Body Strength Training

Body strength training is an important part of weight loss. The workout helps you burn fat and calories. It also helps you to shape your body.

The following workout plan should take care of your Monday total-body strength training. You should grab a pair of dumbbell and follow this routine;



Dumbbell Bench Press

  • Begin by holding a pair of dumbbells and lying down on a flat bench.
  • Ensure your hands rest on top of your thighs with the palms facing each other.
  • Use your thighs to lift the dumbbells up and make sure you lift them one at a time. Then hold them at shoulder width.
  • Now rotate your wrists forward and let the palms face away from you.
  • Your upper arm and forearm should form a 90-degree angle with the dumbbells on the sides of your chest.
  • Exhale, and push the dumbbells up against your chest.
  • At the same time, ensure lock your arms and squeeze your chest for a few seconds.
  • Now lower your hands slowly and return to starting position.
  • Do 12 reps daily.

You can combine the Dumbbell Bench Press with other body strength training. Some workouts you can combine include

  • Bodyweight Squats – 15 reps
  • Dumbbell Row – 12 reps on each side
  • Box Step-Ups – 15 reps on each leg

You can do these whole exercises thrice with about a one-minute rest in between.


2. Tuesday: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training is effective daily calorie burners and is one of the best weight loss workout plans.

These exercises make sure calorie burns are immediate.

For example, a Sprint interval on any cardio equipment will jumpstart your body every morning. Do these following together as your HIIT

  • Full Sprint: 30 seconds
  • Moderate pace jog: 60 seconds
  • Do this workout 12 times


3. Wednesday: Foam Rolling plus 12,000 steps of walk


Weight Loss Workout Plan-7 Days Fat Burning Workout Plan for Beginners


You have worked your body for the past two days, now it is time to get some light training. Foam rolling is a good way to exercise your body still.

It will help you improve your workout’s quality.  Follow the instructions below to perform one of the best types of foam rolling in your weight loss workout plan;

  • Begin by lying back with the roller put under your bra line at the back.
  • Lean the middle of your back over the roller and interlace your fingers just at the back of your head.
  • Breathe in, use your feet to drive movement and roll up. Make sure you stop just at the peak of your shoulder blades.
  • Then breathe out, roll down the spine and stop just at the bottom of the rib cage.
  • Repeat movement 8-10 times

You can combine this foam rolling with about 12,000 steps of the walk. Walking helps to increase the blood flow around your body.

It will help you recover faster from the effects of foam rolling. This will boost the weight loss capability of your weight loss workout plan.




4. Thursday: Total-Body Strength Training

Body strength training is an important part of the weight loss workout plan.

You can repeat the same routine like the one on Monday.



5. Friday: High-Intensity Group Fitness Class



It is day 5 and it’s time to take things up a notch. Join a high-intensity fitness class and let the fitness of others challenge you.

The class will boost your calorie burn and contribute to your weight loss workout plan. Imagine all the fun you will also experience on this day.



6. Saturday: Total-Body Strength Training

Here, is another day to undergo a body strength training. Repeat the same movement you did on Monday and Thursday.

This will further boost the calorie burn rate in your weight loss workout plan.



7. Sunday: The day of Rest

You’ve earned it and today, you rest. Watch Netflix.  Getting enough sleep will help you lose weight naturally (1).

You should have lost some weight within this last week. Let your muscles recover from strength training.

Also, today you can add lemon detox to your diet if you want. Here is how to make lemon detox water.

However, if you must, then rest a day a pick yourself up next week.


Weight Loss Workout Plan-7 Days Fat Burning Workout Plan for Beginners




Losing weight fast is not just about the workouts and exercises. You must undergo a proper lifestyle change, including your daily diets.

Let go of all the junks and calorie-filled foods. Incorporate healthy diets into your daily routine and follow this weight loss workout plan.

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