How to Make Extra Money Online via Surveys at Home

Ever heard you could make a couple of extra bucks from the comfort of your cushions? Or perhaps you’ve been wondering if you can truly know how to make money online surveys? Yes, you can make extra money using online surveys.


No sweats, no labor… Sounds too good to be true right?

Imagine what it would be like to have a couple of extra cash for your grocery shopping and you wouldn’t have to worry about touching your little paychecks.


Fact is that everyone needs extra cash here and there as money problems never seem to finish.

If of course, you have all the whole money in the world, you can get past this article; we get you don’t need it.

if you are like many people who can make use of extra cash, wouldn’t it be great if you learned how to make extra money online survey?


How to Make Extra Money Online via Surveys at Home



I mean, why wouldn’t you?

To begin with, you should probably get familiar with what online surveys are before you can know how to make extra money online survey.

What is Online Survey?

Online surveys are used to promote marketing in their different and unique ways and get feedback from the customer.

  • A host of companies may like to know what retains their customer base- what the customers might need, want or want improvement on.
  • Some other companies use the reports from the online survey as a publicity tool to promote their brand, create more awareness and pitch sales.
  • Measure the level of satisfaction of the customers.


How Does it Work?   

You may have come across an article in a newspaper that says, “six out of ten children in the US…” Most of these news outlets get their statistics from an online survey.

A company would usually outsource their surveys to very professional companies who are into online surveys.

The professional survey companies compile a database of people, contact the suitable respondents for each category of the survey, asks them to spare few minutes of their time to answer the question using cash generally as an incentive.


Some couple of websites pays respondents cash to complete surveys.

Some claim that you can make as much as $10 dollars per survey and a whopping $350 a month for completing surveys from the comfort of your home.


But then, how easy is it?

Is making money from the comfort of your home as easy as it sounds?


Let’s find out, shall we?


How to Make Extra Money Online Via Surveys at Home

We looked online and here are some of the popular legit surveys online and across the globe;


1. Crowdology


How to Make Extra Money Online Via Surveys at Home


Crowdology is slightly different from the other online surveys.

It doesn’t operate in the usual complex points system but you get paid in real cash, you can earn anything from 40cents to $10 for each survey.

There are two payment options: PayPal and Amazon vouchers.


You can choose between PayPal or Amazon vouchers for payments.

The unique thing about this site is that it also runs a monthly prize draw which is open to all members who must have taken part in at least one survey during the month.


2. Valued Opinions

Valued opinions pay about $1 to £$10 per completed survey, which is redeemable via high street and Amazon gift vouchers.

There is an admin fee of 0.50 charged when redeeming gift cards and vouchers.


My point is this:

This means that for every $10 voucher you’ll need to cash in $10.50 worth of points.

Surely by now, you are beginning to understand that it’s not as easy as portrayed.

However, this is only teaching you how to make extra money online survey, not get rich quick syndrome.



3. Survey Monkey


How to Make Extra Money Online Via Surveys at Home



Survey monkey is among the quite popular online surveys and it’s very easy to use.

There is a free version and there is a paid version; paid versions start at about $26 in a month.


4. I-Say Survey

I-Say which was previously known as Ipsos and is one of the best paying survey sites and you’re paid in points.


The surveys are worth five to 250 points and members get an average of four surveys each month.

You would need about 1380 points to get a $15 voucher.


Beginning to sound tough right?

i-Say’s honest about the fact that you won’t get rich quick using the site.

Far from it. i-Say is only one of the ways on how to make extra money online survey amongst the other surveys.

Just like most other online survey sites, they admitted you won’t earn big money.


5. Swagbucks Survey


How to Make Extra Money Online Via Surveys at Home


Swagbucks is a US-based online survey which boasts that members have redeemed almost £60 million in gift cards from using the site.

With Swagbucks, you can also be paid for using it as a search engine instead of the popular Google.

There are other ways on how to make extra money online using swag bucks and it includes shopping via the site, playing online games and watching videos.

You will either get an iTunes gift card worth of $10 or your points if up to 17999 can buy cash of $100 which will be deposited into your PayPal account.


6. MySurvey

MySurvey always comes up with a high number of surveys and is also pays faster.

A typical mysurvey takes about 15 minutes to complete and pays 100 points for each completed survey.

You will need a minimum of 345 points to redeem the voucher which is about $5.

You can get your Payment via high street or Amazon vouchers, or via PayPal.



7. The Panel Station

The Panel Station also stands out because of its ease of use. It is easy to sign up with them, as they do not need a lot of information from the users.

The Panel Station offers payments via cash with PayPal and with 8000 points, you can earn $40.


8. Toluna Survey

With Toluna Survey, you can either express your thoughts through opinions you created directly or embed it on your own blogs as you wish.

There are different options for payments which include vouchers from almost any retailer you can think of and PayPal cash starting at $10.


This is so rare. You can hardly come across a company that allows you cash out payment with such low threshold.

This is why it stands out.

You do not have to wait for donkey months to be able to get your payment.

However, to get a cash reward of $10, you’ll need about 20000 points.


9. Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen Digital Voice, though a simple way of sharing your opinions and be rewarded is a bit complex and differs from other online survey options as you are required to install a piece of software.


You will then continue to use the internet as you always have and the software will track the way you use the net.

The information they get is used to identify trends in consumer behavior. You will be rewarded by Nielsen for taking part in this survey.



10. My Opinions

My Opinions is another popular online survey site.

You will need to fill as many information as possible so that you can be matched up with surveys frequently and earn incentives after the survey.

With 1000 points you can redeem your rewards such as gift vouchers from  Domino’s Pizza, iTunes, Hoyts, Ticketmaster or even cash out with PayPal.


11. Pureprofile


How to Make Extra Money Online Via Surveys at Home



The pureprofile online survey is also a simple online survey. The website is mobile friendly and can be accessed from anywhere.

By just answering a couple of questions while setting up about yourself, you start earning right away.

You can be paid in cash once you have up to $25.

If you need an online survey that will give you more of cash than gift vouchers, you shouldn’t forget to add pureprofile on your list of surveys.

They even compensate you with a small token of $0.10 if you happen to screen out for a survey which is actually a nice gesture.



Tips to Know How to Make Extra Money Online Survey

  • The first thing to do before signing up on any survey site is to read the agreement, terms, and conditions as it applies to you, then check how you will get paid. Most of the online surveys pay by PayPal vouchers or Amazon vouchers.
  • You got to check how many points you need to get rewards and the threshold to reach before redeeming them.
  • Which is better for your payment, hard cash or a higher value voucher?
  • How quickly can you claim this cash?
  • If you decide to go with gift vouchers, you should always check for the expiry date.
  • You should probably not leave a lot of cash sitting in the survey account for a long time as this company can fold up anytime and your money will be gone with them. You won’t likely be compensated.
  • Always go to the review session and see what previous users and existing members had to say about it. Do not take the words of the survey site to heart. The users will be more honest with the facts.
  • Most online survey companies would require that you verify your email after you have signed up with them. So you should regularly check your inbox for any verification link that might be sent to you so you can start taking surveys for cash immediately.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you will need a PayPal account for the survey companies who pay cash.
  • Try to be as honest as possible each time you apply for a survey you’ll answer qualifying questions for.
  • They have a reason why they need that information from you because they want real people who will share an honest opinion about their products. No matter how tempting it may be to lie, keep being honest to the tiniest details.



Other Paid Online Surveys

There are a couple of online surveys not included here…some of them include MindSwarm, SurveySavvy, SavyConnect, Pine Cone, parents speak, Kidzeyes, Teens eyes, Global Test Market, Harris Poll Online, VIP voice, Ipoll, Opinion Outpost, InboxDollars, SurveySpot and a couple of others too numerous to mention

You can also create your own online survey and present it to most top companies. Creating an online survey is actually easy to do.

There are paid and free versions of survey and your research might determine the version you would need.

If you are just doing simple research, you can get on with the free version.

The paid version as would be expected has a lot of functions more than the free version. Some of the popular survey tools online include

  • Zoho Survey
  • Google forms
  • Survey planet
  • Survey Monkey
  • Gizmo Survey
  • Client Heartbeat
  • Typeform
  • There are many more online surveys on the internet that you can use. Although there are different online surveys for different countries though may be applicable in your home country. Be sure to check.



 How to Make Money Online with Survey that Pay Cash Instantly



Final Words

Online survey is an easy way to make extra money online.

So before you go running ahead of yourself or resigning from your paid job, do not forget that this is only how to make extra money online survey.

The focus is on the extra, not make tons of money. Of course, you can make tons of money too but we are trying to be realistic too.

The surveys may or may not work for you but please remember, this is only our opinion.

Each survey company is different and unique in its own way so always endeavor to check them all out to see which suits you best.

We’ll keep this list updated as we gather more online surveys for money and some tips on how best to frugally manage any rewards, so you get the most value for your time.

So you should stop asking how to make money using online survey, just go register and get started already.


I sincerely hope this article was able to help you understand how to make extra money online survey.

And presented the different options you had if you want to get paid while doing surveys online.

So now you have an idea on how to make extra money online survey, wouldn’t you rather grab the opportunity?

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